Our Team

John and Mikki Dawkins

John was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and moved to Australia when he was in his early thirties with his lovely wife Mikki.  Motivated to provide a brighter and more stable future for their three children and arriving with virtually no money John’s dream of lacked starting or buying a business in Australia seemed impossible. 6 years in a corporation allowed him to finally create successful business brokerage on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  He has developed the reputation of starting and growing small business, many of which are still thriving after 40 years.

When the GFC hit after an amazing 22 years in business John found it was necessary to find an alternative source of income from a business that John and Mikki could run together. In 2012 John bought a little Go Vita supplement store at Currimundi Market Place on the Sunshine Coast. The tiny shop (only 28sqm) grew very quickly. The business had a “Club Membership” of 1700 customers at the start of 2012. This membership has grown to nearly 7000. The community had expressed the desire for more food products, so John & Mikki have expanded their vision to the Natures Food Market which opened at the end of August 2015.

Mikki was born in Gweru, Zimbabwe. When she moved to Australia with John she started working in Women’s health and worked for the same professional practice for over 22 years. When the practice owners retired Mikki felt very compelled and qualified to take on a very busy little Go Vita supplement store. She is now carrying a strong management role in the new store which is 10 times the size.

Mikki enjoys helping people and is loved by many of our delightful customers who seek her out for basic advice on remedies for various ailments and often general advice on life matters.  She prides herself in striving to meet all the needs of the customers. Mikki’s day-to-day focus is on maintaining good stock levels and ensuring that we always have a wide variety of fresh organic fruit, vegetables and groceries. She has managed to source a wide variety of organically grown produce that is more affordable for our customers.  She also ensures there are a wide range of products for those who have to stretch their budgets for basic family needs.

Lorraine Minslow

Lorraine Minslow is a master in the industry. Her family opened a health shop in a Brisbane suburb 44 years ago which is where she got her start. The family business expanded to another store where all the family worked together. You can imagine the wealth of knowledge she has to share with you! When it came time to retire she missed the industry so much that she found herself at Go Vita Currimundi where she has been part time for the last 14 years. She loves her customers and is known for her service and congeniality. You will find her in the new store every Sunday.

Natalia Weaver

Natalia really enjoys being with her customers and knowing them personally.  Helping them with their nutritional and health issues is something she values highly and loves seeing successful outcomes.  She has stepped into a management role overseeing the daily operations of Nature’s but still has time for the personalized service that she is known for.  Passionate about healthy eating, focusing on organic choices, she utilizies a holistic approach when working with customer’s health concerns.  She holds degrees in Nutritional Science and Veterinary Science.

Donna Roberts

Donna originally comes from Central NSW with a farming background. She recently moved to the Sunshine Coast. After experiencing an auto immune disease that created many side effects from the Western medicine, Donna tried Naturopathy as an alternative.  She was advised dietary changes and supplementation to support her healing. Within 2 weeks the pain began to subside and within a month she was off medication and nearly pain free.  This experience motivated Donna into a life and career change so she could share this approach with others who suffer from ill health and chronic illness.  She graduated after 8 years of study as a Naturopath, with extra knowledge in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.  During her study she worked at a health food store in Brisbane and comes to Nature’s Food Market with a deep wealth of knowledge and experience.  You can find her at our store Monday, Tuesday and half day Wednesday.  

Monique Bennett

Monique is our full-time receiving person and has a busy and important role! She has just graduated from high school and joined Nature's due to her interest and intrigue in natural medicine.

She will begin her adventure into further advanced education along these lines next year. Nature's Food Market has influenced her love for health and is learning much from her co-workers. She finds the healing power of nature is amazing.

Lynsey Koch

Lynsey Koch, Bsc Env.Sci/Nutr Grad Dip. Edu, is one of our in store Nutritionists. She has been working in this field for over 12 years practising in health food stores, in gyms and through her our personal business Seed & Sprout Nutritional Consultation. She specialises in digestive healing, nutritional education and workshops.

Her passion and love for nutrition and whole foods is engrained, as it was inspired by a critical accident when she was 18. An unexpected fast recovery through nutrition set her on the path to help others heal through whole foods. You will find her in our store on Thursday and Friday with a half of a day on Wednesday. She is currently running educational seminars through the Nature's Food Market, so keep an eye out for the various topics! 

Jeannette Oliver

Health and wellbeing has been a lifelong passion of Jeannette's beginning at 13 years of age.  As a teenager she turned towards the "alternative" healthier options and brought her acquired knowledge into her family when raising children of her own.  Many life paths merged in her later years to bring extensive experience in alternative and holistic health working with philanthropic and indigenous leaders in the USA. She also has a background in research and publicity of which she can apply to the growth of the new store.  She is working behind the scenes in social media development for Nature's Food Market, but you may find her in the store to serve you on a Saturday or two. Joyful quality service has always been her mantra.