We offer FREE NATUROPATHIC  and NUTRITIONAL ADVICE for your health concerns and issues. Our qualified Naturopaths and Nutritionists are available most days of the week to offer guidance and formidable solutions for your individual needs. If your condition requires more discussion time, we also have a practitioner in the store that you can book a consultation with.

Our consultant is: 

Natalia Weaver

Natalia is a qualified Nutritionist working with a Diacom Biofeedback machine which is state of the art diagnostic technology developed by a team of Russian scientists. She is also does Live Blood Analysis which is a comprehensive tool to identify the cause and underlying factors of various health issues, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Natalia has over ten years of experience working as a consultant with various health issues. She specialises in digestive system disorders, hormonal imbalances, weight loss, arthritis, stress and body pH imbalance.

She strongly believes we are what we eat and is passionate about creating an individually tailored diet plan and supplementation program for her clients to regain lost health and maintain optimum health.

Please call our store or stop in to book an appointment.